GPS and Science from the ground and up, to be introduced by Sherlock Holmes
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You may think that Newton, Einstein, satellites, computers... are esoteric. As a matter of fact, they can be fun and easy to understand. If you are not interested in technical details, you may limit your readings to Chapter 1, a modern Sherlock Holmes detective story, Chapter 4, A Tale of Two Brothers, the pseudo science fiction, Chapter 5 gives you a glimpse at the history and future. You can get a taste of GPS with these leisure readings. Chapter 2 and 3 are for those who feel like to study more about the system. Check GPS related FAQs and Recommended Sites for GPS references.

These stories are hi-tech-made-simple approaches to an emerging technology. The proliferation of this military state-of-the-art to the civilian applications is making GPS in everybody's daily life: a wrist watch, in your car, inside the cellular handset and PDA's...
Many more unknown applications are still waiting for your understanding and discovery of the GPS!

 Exploring GPS and science:4 satellites in view for a GPS receiver to figure out its position in 3-D! Here is how and why... Order your GPS Here!  

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GPS pseudo* joke:
Mr. Sherlock Holmes III and Dr. Watson III are having a self-served trip, driving across the country. Of course, they are equipped with a most advanced GPS gadget to help them find their way, the restaurants, camping, shopping or scenic sites, and locate banks, gas stations, car repair shops and even hospitals just in case. They are extremely pleased with this modern wonder which their grandfathers could never imagine.
One day while camping, they wake up in midnight and see the sky filled with stars. Sherlock Holmes is singing: “Twinkle, Twinkle, little stars, how I wonder what are the GPS NavStars??BR> “You IDIOT! Can’t you see? ?Watson shouts “Our tents are stolen!? Holmes answers “Oh! Yes, we can use the GPS to find the nearest police station.?BR> *It is pseudo since a GPS/GIS device is capable of doing everything as described. The following is how and why: in association with , serving GPS users.
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